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North Hills ATA Karate for Kids Program Page


Ages 7-12

The ATA Karate for Kids program is designed exclusively for our elementary school age students (Ages 7-12). These classes are based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to martial arts skills. The building blocks for this program are life skills such as Goals, Respect, Perseverance, Self Esteem, and Discipline.

All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and engaging instruction methods available to ensure your child progresses and feels like a winner! We use consistent training and positive reinforcement as the foundation to a lifetime of success, both in Martial Arts and in life. We tailor our classes to the individual needs of each student. 

Parents enroll their children in Martial Arts for numerous reasons, and success may have a different meaning for each student. As such, we take pride in our ability to address each student’s personal goals, and each student is judged by their own personal development. We want each student to leave class with the satisfaction of personal growth and victory!

Students in our ATA Karate for Kids program will learn everything our Adult students do, but at a pace that better fits their abilities. We include real life self defense and safety training into all of our classes. We teach our students the self-awareness and confidence necessary to keep them safe from strangers and bullies alike. Our goal is to help our students grow into successful and confident young adults!

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